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Hints For Success
Lisa Barkley
Hints For Success Cover
Success in spellcrafting, as with any art, comes from practice and patience.
Medieval monks didn't learn to brew world-renowned beverages overnight, nor did da Vinci create a masterpiece without making some mistakes. So, be patient with yourself in honing your magical arts and follow these suggestions to help get over the rough spots:

Bring as many of your senses into the magical procedure as possible to clarify and delineate its purpose(s).

Always visualize your intentions in detail while you work.

Repeat spells whenever you feel the need. Each reiteration provides supportive energy for manifestation.

Phrase the verbal component to be geared toward your specific intentions.

If you are uncomfortable with vocalizing spells, you can mentally recite them just as effectively. Remember, thoughts are words uttered inwardly.

Eliminate, substitute, or augment any prop/focal you desire.

Be certain to maintain the congruity of meaning.

Use the timing as a guideline, not as an edict. Any time is the right time for magic!

Make notes of your successes and failures. These memos will prove immensely helpful in the future.

It is not necessary to use all the props and focals listed in devising your spell. In fact, trying to do so would probably make the spell unmanageable (unless you have three hands). Choose only those items that intimately sym- bolize your goals, and that you feel are necessary to the spell's construction.

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